Welcome to Adult & Teen Challenge of Baltimore.

Adult & Teen Challenge of Baltimore is a non-denominational, Christ-centered program that many have compared to a military school or boot camp, but to those who had exhausted every other option in life, facing their own self-destructive tendencies, it has been the means of rescuing their soul from what would certainly have been a bad ending. If you, or your loved ones, have tried all the short-term and secular programs without seeing a permanent life-style change, with sustained freedom from habits and addictions, consider that this is because they only have an average long-term success rate of 6-7%, compared to Baltimore Adult & Teen Challenge’s 76-80%. This is not an easy program, but it is one that works, and will not only keep you alive, but  teach you how to live an abundant life! Baltimore Adult & Teen Challenge prepares it’s graduates to continue on in the success they find during our 12 month program.

Text or call our admissions coordinator for more information.

Please watch this five minute video to learn more about our center and hear how lives have been transformed.