Baltimore Adult & Teen Challenge is always in need of volunteers. Areas of current need include drivers, skilled tradesmen to help with maintenance, repair and remodeling; academic tutors and teachers, professional counselors, medical professionals for non-emergency medical counseling, and mature Christian men and women with a passion to minister and mentor students. Orientation to Adult & Teen Challenge programs and policies will be provided. For more information please contact our office.

Pastors and Teachers

There is no mystery about our effectiveness: Baltimore Adult & Teen Challenge is the most successful residential rehabilitation program in the world precisely because it is a Christ-centered discipleship program. We sincerely need and appreciate the contributions of many pastors from the local area in teaching, counseling, and supporting the work of this ministry.

You, above everyone else, know that this is not a job for everyone, it is a life-or-death matter for most of our clients. If they meet the God we know here, and receive victory over their life-controlling habits, there is a real chance for them to live a satisfying and productive life, just as our Father intended when He made them. If they fail to receive or understand the Grace of God that leads to their salvation, they will not be successful in the program, or in life.

It is often the wisdom and strength of men of God such as yourself, serving, teaching, and setting an example for them that makes the difference when the going gets tough – and it does. Please consider being a volunteer teacher, counselor, or how you can serve in any capacity, and contact us, we need your help.

Individuals are a Critical Component of our Success

Many private citizens have contributed significant time, materials, and finances to the ministry of Baltimore Adult & Teen Challenge, we would like to thank you all, we cannot conduct this ministry without your generous help!

Community Based Organizations

Numerous community and neighborhood organizations have helped us, or partnered with us in developing ties with those in need of our services in Baltimore. We are grateful for the active government and agency leaders who have given us a chance to prove our worth, conduct park-based community outreach events, and clean up our local neighborhoods.

Skilled and Professional

At Teen Challenge we have many unmet needs, both in financial and human resources. If you are a skilled tradesman, artisan, or a professional who would like to volunteer with us your labor will be greatly appreciated.

We need mature men and women to help develop and serve at events, provide advice and guidance, and give of their professional abilities in areas we are unable to work ourselves. If you believe God is speaking to you about this, please contact us so we can discuss how you might help. While we have a defined discipleship program for the students, we are always open to new ideas about how we can improve housing, provide life skills, and manage our resources.

In addition, we welcome evangelically minded partners who would like to help us develop local outreaches to the thousands of souls in bondage to drugs and alcohol in the Baltimore area.