Many of our students at the end of the one year program feel the unction to become a part of the solution. Our Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) is offered as consideration to graduates upon completion of the 12-month program and want to continue to follow the path that God has laid out for them.

The Emerging Leaders Program was envisioned in 2005 by Dr. Jerry Nance in response to his prayer for the leaders needed to reach the growing addicted population – leaders who would be carriers of the Teen Challenge Core Values and align with our God-given mission. The ELP is a servant-leadership development program intended to raise up leaders within Teen Challenge relative to our heritage, mission, DNA, and guiding principles.

An ELP Internship is typically, 6-months to a 1 Year and are responsible for helping staff to mentor, prepare meals and transportation as they continue to grow in their spiritual and leadership roles. ELP's are provided with room and board, a monthly stipend and are provided leadership curriculum to help them grow in leadership and the potential call into ministry. Our goal for these men that choose to do a ELP Internship is to equip them for ministry and have avenues of College Seminary Education and to plant them where God call's them to be.