Is Teen Challenge a rehab?
Teen Challenge is a residential recovery and discipleship program. Unlike a conventional rehab,
the Adult & Teen Challenge Baltimore program encompasses every aspect of life and
demonstrates a new way to live and think.

How long is the residential program?
Participants can generally expect to complete the program in approximately 12 months.

How old must I be to attend Baltimore Adult & Teen Challenge?
Adult & Teen Challenge Baltimore is a male 18+ center. If you are under the age of 18 we
encourage you to visit to locate a center.

Does Teen Challenge accept insurance?
No, Baltimore Adult & Teen Challenge a non-profit faith-based program and does not accept

How much does it cost?
We request a consideration to pay an induction fee of $750.00 or whatever can be afforded + whatever monthly support that can be afforded per month. This is the total cost for the 12 month program. LACK OF FINANCES WILL NOT STOP YOU FROM GETTING HELP!

The fee of the one-year recovery program can be little to no fees or cost for our residential program! There is scholarships available. We believe funds should never be the reason for a person to not get help. With that in mind, we work every financial situation out based on individual financial needs and overall provide our services to those who are serious about changing their life for little to no fees or cost.

It COST US AS AN ORGANIZATION a total of $1,500 a month (Housing, Food, Education, Staff etc.) to provide individual treatment to each and every student but WE DON’T EXPECT OR REQUIRE for that amount to be met by the supporting family or applicant.

We ask that the families of the addicted loved one or applicant to consider that $1500 monthly cost and come together as a family to find a comfortable amount to invest into their loves one as a monthly support for their recovery.

Please contact us for anymore information regarding finances and remember finances are not as important as getting your addicted loved one to a new life of recovery and freedom.

Student support is a big help in deferring expenses. Please contact us if you would like to help sponsor a student.

Can participants smoke?
Adult & Teen Challenge Baltimore is a tobacco-free facility.

Can participants bring prescribed medication with them?
Only non-addictive medications with a low risk for abuse are allowed. Opiate-derived pain
medications, anti-anxiety drugs, and any mind-or mood-altering drug with a potential for misuse
are strictly prohibited. If such drugs are medically necessary, participants must wait until they
complete their treatment on the medication before entering the  Adult & Teen Baltimore
Challenge program. Contact the admissions office for further details.

What kinds of visitors are students permitted?
Only immediate family may visit students enrolled in the Baltimore Adult & Teen Challenge
program. Contact with old friends, including girlfriends or boyfriends, is not allowed. Pastors with
ministerial credentials may also visit students with prior approval.

Does Teen Challenge accept students on probation or parole?
Yes, but the supervision officer must be informed. Many participants enrolled in the Adult & Teen Challenge Baltimore program are at Teen Challenge as a condition of their probation or
parole. Students are responsible for supervision appointments and reporting will be conducted as part of
the participant’s case management. Contact the admissions office for further details.

Do applicants need a photo ID?
All applicants must have a current form of identification before entering the program: driver
license, state ID, social security card, birth certificate, passport, etc.

Do I have to detox before entry?
No, but it is encouraged to detox before entry if you are addicted to alcohol or barbiturate and
opiates. We can help refer you to a local detox.

Why is the Teen Challenge program so effective?
Since Teen Challenge first opened it’s doors, thousands have come seeking help and have
found the Helper. . .

The Adult Programs are successful in assisting individuals to find freedom from life-controlling
problems as we proclaim with both our lips and our lives God’s great and glorious love. It is the
love of Christ that can break the hardest of hearts and lead to a life of obedience and service.

At Adult & Teen Challenge Baltimore, Christ-centered teaching is at the heart of what we do.
Through the preaching and teaching of God’s Word, we aim to lure people away from the
fleeting pleasures of sin into ever-increasing joy in God as we make known the supreme beauty
of Christ sacrificial death and resurrection.

We believe teaching faith in Jesus Christ instills a new nature and alters the behavior that allows
the entire person to heal. Baltimore Adult & Teen Challenge firmly believes, and results show, that an individual must establish a personal relationship with Jesus Christ if he wishes to find permanent freedom
from life-controlling issues. This central spiritual dynamic is the foundation upon which all aspects
of the Adult & Teen Challenge Baltimore program is built.