Johnnie Alliano | 2013 Graduate

Senior Staff at Baltimore Adult and Teen Challenge

My name is Johnnie Alliano, I’m 63, and from Camden N.J. I was raised in a non-Christian home. My mother remarried when I was four and my step-father was very strict. When I reached my mid-teens I started rebelling, smoking and drinking. Through the years, I continued drinking and using drugs, spiraling down a 42-year path of destruction which ultimately landed me in the hospital after a heroin overdose and in kidney failure. I spent a month in the hospital and while there I met a social working who told me about Adult and Teen Challenge. After being discharged, I got on a bus and headed to Baltimore Adult and Teen Challenge. It’s here that I learned of a better way to live. I graduated in 2013. Now serving on staff here in Baltimore, I am able to speak life into others and help them grow in a relationship with my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.