Sidewalk Son-D School is an urban outreach to pre-teen and early teen children in the blighted areas of East Baltimore. Our objective is to reach these kids early enough for them to see that there are alternatives to drug use and gang membership that can be fun, exciting, and fulfilling..

Beginning this year we are hosting SSS indoor every Saturday from February 22 through May at our new Outreach Center at 2615-19 East Fayette Street, Baltimore. The kids will be able to come to this fun event, where they sing, dance, watch puppet shows, and win prizes for memorizing Bible verses.

Every Saturday morning from May through October we will go out to at least three neighborhoods and setting up our mobil stage in a park adjacent to a areas with lots of kids. Because this is our fourth year, many of the kids we met and ministered to last year are expected to come out, and we hope they will bring their younger friends and relatives. If you have talents in youth evangelism, music, dance, singing, or puppetry please contact Juan Delgado at our main Teen Challenge number to discuss how you can participate as a volunteer in this wonderful outreach.

There is a close tie-in of this outreach to our more extensive summer evangelism program, which is called Impact Baltimore, ( )which features three weeks of intensive urban evangelism for children, teens, and adults. Many church groups will come from both within and outside the Baltimore Metro area to spend a week in June, July, or August participating in this domestic mission program. Last year we shared the Good News with thousands of local people, and saw hundreds of decisions for salvation.

We are committed to regularly serving the poor and delivering those in bondage from life-controlling habits through the power of the Word of God and the annointing of the Holy Spirit. Check back regularly to stay abreast of the latest developments, and don’t forget to sign up for our e-newsletter. We welcome volunteer participation in most of our ministry events, please call or email us if you have questions.