” Where Hope Lives and Freedom is Found ”

At Adult & Teen Challenge Baltimore we teach men principles with purpose. Through biblical principles we help men define who they are and provide them with the tools needed to assist them in the process of recovery. A rigorous and regimented program Baltimore Adult & Teen Challenge offers both personal growth and group studies and mentoring.

Each student will learn to apply biblical principles to the challenges of everyday life through practical processes. Adult & Teen Challenge Baltimore is not an easy program. Consisting of several phases over a 12-month period of time each student will have a structured environment. However; thousands of graduates nationally will tell you that it’s worth the effort!

While in the Adult & Teen Challenge Baltimore program, you will learn how to turn to God and be honest with yourself. You will experience inner healing and be able to trust others again. Come and experience restoration and start developing healthy relationships. 

Our program is broken down into 2 phases, an Induction Phase and a Training Phase. Our different phases focus on different aspects of the growth and development of individuals as they walk out of addiction and into a new life. 


After an individual contacts our intake coordinator and their paper work is complete, they will begin the Induction/Instruction Phase of the program. Induction is 4-6 months in length and is a type of “spiritual boot camp” for men who want to be free from life-controlling habits and become alive in God. Upon successful completion of phase 1, they will be promoted to phase 2 of the program. 


Phase 2 is 8-10 months. Students are then eligible to participate in one of our work therapy programs. An adapted version of the program schedule is complemented by personal study, Bible study, and community service.  


Students divide their recovery focus between an academic, leadership and job skills format. The first four months are designed to place a greater focus on classroom, academics and mentoring. The following eight months are focused on leadership skills.  

While our students spend a majority of their time in the class settings, they also take part in ministry outings, sporting events, community events, picnics, and retreats. We care about more than simply helping someone change a habit, we want them to experience a whole life change. 


The cost of our program is strictly determined by your current financial situation and can be provided for little to no cost…free. We request a consideration to pay an induction fee of $750.00 or whatever can be afforded + whatever monthly support that can be afforded per month. This is the total cost for the 12 month program. FINANCES WILL NOT STOP YOU FROM GETTING HELP!.

The fee of the one-year recovery program can be little to no fees or cost! There is scholarships available. We believe funds should never be the reason for a person to not get help. With that in mind, we work every financial situation out based on individual financial needs and overall provide our services to those who are serious about changing their life for little to no fees or cost.

It COST US AS AN ORGANIZATION a total of$1,500 a month (Housing, Food, Education, Staff etc.) to provide individual treatment to each and every student but DON’T EXPECT OR REQUIRE for that amount to be met by the supporting family.

We ask that the families of the addicted loved one to consider that $1500 monthly cost and come together as a family to find a comfortable amount to invest into their loves one as a monthly support for their recovery.

Please contact us for anymore information regarding finances and remember finances are not as important as getting your addicted loved one to a new life of recovery and freedom


6:00am | Wake-up 

6:30am-7:00am | Breakfast 

7:00-7:30am | Chores
7:30-8:30am | Devotions and Prayer
9:00-11:45am | Classes (Tues & Th) – Work Therapy (Mon, W, Fri)
12:00-12:30pm | Lunch
12:30-1:00pm | Chores
1:00-4:00pm | PSNC (Tues & Th) – Work Therapy (Mon, W, Fri)
4:00-5:00pm | Free Time (phone calls allowed)
5:00-5:30pm | Dinner
5:30-6:00pm | Chores
6:00-8:30pm | Bible Study – Church Service – Celebrate Recovery
9:00-9:30pm | Room – Free Time
9:30-10:00pm | Personal Quite Devotion
10:00-10:30pm | Lights Out 


Group Studies (GSNC) 

Group Studies for New Christians (GSNC) is a series of fourteen week-long classes developed by Teen Challenge USA. The group study classes are designed to teach Biblical principles and develop a knowledge base that that will encourage students to develop a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ as they overcome their life-controlling problems 

The topics covered in our studies 

  • How Can I Know I’m a Christian? 
  • A Quick Look at the Bible 
  • Attitudes 
  • Temptations 
  • Successful Christian Living 
  • Growing Through Failure 
  • Christian Practices 
  • 10 Marks of Christian Maturity 
  • Dealing with Authority 
  • Learning to Deal with Offense 
  • Financial Management 
  • Resume Writing 
  • Obedience to God 
  • Obedience to Man 
  • Anger and Personal Rights 
  • How to Study the Bible 
  • Love and Accepting Myself 
  • Personal Relationships with Others 
  • Spiritual Power and the Supernatural 


Personal Studies (PSNC) 

Personal Studies for New Christians (PSNC) is an individual study program developed by Teen Challenge USA. Teen Challenge students, along with their mentors develop an individual study program through a mutually agreed upon learning contract. Working in this way allows students to focus on their unique needs, concerns and issues.  Often times these learning contracts include elements such as Scripture memorization, topical studies, reading assignments and practicing how to apply these to their own lives.

Contact our admissions coordinator for more information.