Welcome to Teen Challenge of Baltimore.

Our purpose is to provide information, education, and lifestyle-altering training programs for those struggling with life-controlling habits. Feel free to browse our website, download any helpful information, and contact us by web or telephone if there is anything we can do to help you or a loved one deal with these issues.  We have had such troubles in our own lives, and know your pain. We are grateful to have been steered toward Teen Challenge, the most effective and successful rehabilitation program in the world, bar none.

The new Outreach Center is located at 2615-19 E. Fayette St., Baltimore. It will be used for our Sidewalk Son-D School and other community outreach programs such as Impact Baltimore. We have also refurbished rooms for up to seven returning graduates from the Mountain that either wish to work on staff with this ministry, or are looking for a stable and supportive living environment while they are seeking employment and the beginning of a new life in Christ within the community, as a victorious and drug free citizen.

Teen Challenge of Baltimore is a non-denominational, Christ-centered program that many have compared to a military school or boot camp, but to those who had exhausted every other option in life, facing their own self-destructive tendencies, it has been the means of rescuing their soul from what would certainly have been a bad ending. If you, or your loved ones, have tried all the short-term and secular programs without seeing a permanent life-style change, with sustained freedom from habits and addictions, consider that this is because they only have an average long-term (non-recidivist) success rate of 6-7%, compared to Teen Challenge’s 86%. This is not an easy program, but it is one that works, and will not only keep you alive, but  teach you how to live an abundant life! Teen Challenge prepares it’s graduates to continue on in the success they find during our 14 month program by providing GED training, career aptitude testing and counseling, and assistance in finding scholarship and financial aid support for those continuing on to trade schools, community colleges, bible schools, and universities.