Success Stories

Nearly every month someone completes our local four-month program!

When they come off the streets they are in various stages of crisis, degeneration, addiction, and despair. The Baltimore Induction Center is like a “Boot Camp for Substance Abusers,” and completion is not a sure thing. Only those who want that monkey off their back permanently, and who are willing to submit to any change necessary in their lives to ensure this, will make it through the program.

The good news is: God plans for your life are so much better than your own plans. If you allow Him to take control of your life, as your Lord and Savior, you will have real and permanent satisfaction you never found in the arms of a woman, in the bottom of a bottle, or at the end of a needle.

When our graduates leave the local program, they go on to the second-phase, advanced program, at the regional training center in Pennsylvania for another 10 months. We love to hear the stories of their continued growth, deliverance, and success as they allow God to use the well-trained and experienced staff to help them rebuild lives they have torn down.

The work of a lifetime cannot be rebuilt in a day, or in 28 days, which is why we offer a 14 month program. In addition, when the program is completed, we offer career counseling, scholarship support, and staff opportunities to those who are so inclined to give back. Teen Challenge graduates are living healthy and productive lives around the world, a testimony to the most successful life-rebuilding program in the world.