About Teen Challenge

Since Teen Challenge first opened it's doors, Thousands have come seeking help & have found the Helper!

     In 1958, a young pastor from a farm town in Pennsylvania, took a step of faith into the inner-city of New York City. David Wilkerson started a movement that would change the lives of thousands. With a heart for young people, he began working with gangs and troubled youth. As he began to establish rapport within the city, he became aware of the life-controlling issues destroying these young people. Everywhere David turned he saw the consequences of addiction: a 16 year old girl working the streets, a 12 year old boy murdered by his younger brother, the sight of a teenage mother with her baby on her lap, begging for food and shelter.
The young pastor found himself in a place with no hope and no future: these children had been set up for failure. He knew he had to break the vicious cycle. He had to offer a way out of their trouble and despair. Later that year, the first Teen Challenge Center was established in New York City working with inner-city youth wanting a different kind of life, other than gangs and drugs.
Since 1958, Teen Challenge has seen remarkable growth. Thousands of lives have been changed in over 170 centers throughout the United States. The Teen Challenge approach to helping men and women trapped by addictions has been used in several cultures. And, Teen Challenge campuses are now operating on six continents around the world.
To read more about the amazing start of Teen Challenge We suggest reading The Cross and the Switchblade. The story covers David's first 5 years in New York and became a best-selling phenomenon. More than 15 million copies have been distributed in over 30 languages. In 1969 a motion picture based on the book was released. After 50 years, the story continues to inspire renewed faith in God's ability to overcome problems that even the most determined human efforts cannot resolve.
Teen Challenge's Adult Residential Programs are the most successful solution for those willing to make the changes that must be made to gain freedom from life-controlling habits and addiction, assist in restoring broken relationships, and rebuild their self esteem. Research substantiates this claim: 86% of Teen Challenge graduates are living a life free from addiction, are still attending church, and are employed.
Teen Challenge has found Christ-centered training and mentoring to be the most effective means to transform broken lives into fulfilling and productive lives. We are facilitating transformation one person at a time. We believe in giving people a second chance, with an addiction-free life, through God's amazing grace.
We understand that finding faith in Jesus Christ alters the behavior and instills positive values that allow the entire person to heal. Teen Challenge firmly believes, and results show, that an addict must establish a personal relationship with Jesus Christ if he wishes to find permanent freedom from the bondage of addictions and/or life-controlling habits. This central spiritual dynamic is the foundation upon which all aspects of the Teen Challenge program are built.
The scope of Teen Challenge has grown over the years, and now serves adult men and women, as well as teenagers. About 220 Teen Challenge campuses in the U.S., and about 1,100 worldwide provide Christian recovery services to individuals of every age and social background. Typically, these services include either short-term or long-term residential recovery centers which provide a healthy and wholesome environment through which the participant is able to change their lifestyle and
develop a plan for a future free from addiction.
Teen Challenge is a strong community resource concerning drug abuse prevention, educating parents and young adults about the dangers of drug abuse in our society.